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First Talk Show- Field Audit 26/05/2006

Dear Members:

This is a notice to all SMI members who are interested to participant in
our first session of "talk show" held in Panderosa golf resort on the
26/05/2006 at 7.00pm sharp.

Our first topic in the Talk show is "Company Field Audit". The main
purpose of the chosen topic is to provide basic knowledge to all our SMI
members in preparation of company field audit by Inland Revenue Board.

All SMI members are welcomed to attend this talk show. SMI "Talk Show"
serves as purpose of giving our SMI members to think, to interact, gain
and share knowledge among all the members, professionals and officials
from government bodies.

The one hour session will be covering the following issues:

        Speaker 1 - Mr. Koh (20minutes)
.        What is the difference between tax, desk, and field Audit?
.        Objective of field audit
.        Audit case selection
.        Audit process
.        Standard notification letter

Speaker 2 - Miss Tan (10mintues)
.        Keeping Records (Important and benefits of good record keeping)

Speaker 3 - Charlie (10 minutes)
.        IRB's right in accessing and information gathering ( Rights and
Duties Section)
.        Your rights

Q & A - 20 minutes
Total - 60 minutes