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SME Association of South Johor Membership Registration Form

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Company Information:

Company Name:
Year Established:
Company Reg.No.:
Company Status:
Sdn.Bhd Partnership Sole Proprietor
Bumi Non.Bumi Foreign Owned

Company Shareholding:

A] At Least 51% owned by Malaysia YES     NO
B] At Least 51% owned by SME YES     NO
Person In Charge:
Business Address:
Telephone No:
Fax No:
Handphone No:
Factory Premises: Own     Rented
E-Mail Address:

Annual Turnover:

1] RM10,000,000 & below 3] RM15,000,000 - RM25,000,000
2] RM10,000,000 - RM15,000,000 4] RM25,000,000 - & above

No. Of Employees

50 & below 51-100 101-150 151 & above
Pay-Up Capital:

Nature Of Business:

Manufacturing Blending Assembling
Processing Printing Packaging
Engineering & Fabricating Other:

Industry Type:

1.Food, Beverages & Tobacco 2.Iron, Steel & Manufactures
3.Textile, Clothing & Foot Wear 4.Electrical Electronic, Machineries & Appliances
5.Wood Products 6.Other Machineries & Transport Equipment
7.Rubber Products 8.Paper, Printing & Publishing Equipment
9.Chemical & Petroleum Products 10.Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products
11.Non-Metallic Mineral Products 12.Other:
Exporting Overseas? YES     NO

I certify that above information is true to the best of my acknowledgement.

Name: Date:

1)    * Registration Fee RM20 (one time)

2)    * Life-time Member RM1,000 (one time)
       * Normal Member RM100 Yearly

3)    * Membership acceptance is subject to SMEJS council approval

I had Read and Agreed Terms and Conditions SME Johor Selatan