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Electricity tariff up by average 15% from Jan 1

[ 03-12-2013 ]
Electricity tariff up by average 15% from Jan 1

KUALA LUMPUR: The electricity tariff will be increased by an average of about 14.89% for Peninsular Malaysia, and by about 17% for Sabah and Labuan from next year, said Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili.

"The average electricity tariff in Peninsular Malaysia will be up 4.99 sen per kWh or 14.89% from the current average rate of 33.54 sen/kWh to 38.53 sen/kWh.

"For Sabah and Labuan, the average tariff will be up 5.0 sen per kWh or 16.9% from current average rate of 29.52 sen per kWh to 34.52 sen per kWh," he told reporters at a press conference in Parliament on Monday.

Rates in Sarawak will not be affected because the electricity supply in the state is operated by state-run company, Sarawak Energy.

The new rates will take effect from Jan 1, 2014, he added.

However, Dr Ongkili noted that 70.67% of consumers in Peninsular Malaysia and 62% of consumers in Sabah and Labuan will not be affected by the tariff hike.

"There will be no tariff increase imposed on the consumers who use electricity at a rate of, or lower than, 300kWh a month.

"This amounts to 4.56 million consumers in the peninsula and 260,000 consumers in Sabah and Labuan," he said. The group most likely to be affected are those whose electricity usage is between 301 to 400 kWh and 401 to 600 kWh.

The table on implications of the revised rate on domestic users.

The first group (about 720,000 consumers) will be billed between RM77.52 and RM128.60, an increase ranging from 12 cents to RM11.60 per month. (Not including 1.6% feed in tariff).

The second group (about 670,000 consumers) will be billed between RM129.12 to RM231.80, an increase of between RM11.71 to RM33 per month. (not including 1.6% feed in tariff).

Meanwhile in a statement to Bursa Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional said for domestic consumer (with a monthly consumption of up to 200kWh) the tariff would be maintained at a subsidised rate of 21.8 sen/kWh (i.e. no tariff increase). 

This rate has not been reviewed during several tariff reviews since 1997. 

Also consumers using 300kWh per month and below will not experience any tariff increase, the rate is maintained at 33.4 sen/kWh. Hence, there is no tariff increase to 70.7% of the household consumers (4.6 million consumers).
The domestic tariff band is reduced from current 8 bands to 5 bands for better understanding of tariff structure.
Commercial consumers will experience an average increase of 16.85% (ranging from 1.2% to about 18%). Industrial consumers will experience an average increase of 16.85% (ranging from 0.9% to about 17%). Special Industrial Tariff (“SIT”) consumers will experience an increase of about 19%.

This is in line with the Government’s effort to gradually reduce subsidies to industries. Even with this increase, SIT consumers will continue to enjoy discounted tariff rates, as compared to the rates for normal Industrial consumers.
The 10% discount on electricity bills currently enjoyed by Government schools, Government institutions of higher learning, places of worship and welfare homes registered with the Government and educational institutions partly-funded by the Government is maintained. The 10% discount will also be extended to the Universities teaching hospital under Ministry of Education (USM, UKM, UM).
Special Industrial Tariff (“SIT”) for water and sewerage operators will be given automatically and the electricity rebate by the Government for domestic consumers with a monthly bill of RM20 or lower will be maintained.