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Iskandar Malaysia Organization Structure

Prime Minister of Malaysia

Chief Minister of Johor


To show emphatically that Prime Minister and his government are 100% behind Iskandar, IRDA was established in 2007 by a Federal Act of Parliament and is tasked to bring Iskandar Malaysia to life.

IRDA is the single authority empowered to:

  • establish the national policies directions and strategies that have a direct impact to development within the Iskandar region;
  • coordinate the performance of the acvtivities carried out by government entities in the Iskandar region;
  • plan, promote, process, stimulate, facilitate and undertake development in the Iskandar region;
  • act as the principal coordinating agent on behalf of the government agencies in relation to receiving, processing and expediting the requisite approvals.
  • IRDA is jointly chaired by the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Johor, with the
  • Secretary-General of Treasury, Director-General of Economic Planning Unit, Managing

Director of Khazanah Nasional, State Secretary of Johor, Director of Johor State Economic Planning Unit and Chairman/CEO of Johan Holdings as Board Members. Dato' Ikmal Hijaz Hashim is the Chief Executive Officer of IRDA.


The Advisory Council is jointly chaired by the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Johor together with five well established and renowned Malaysians.


They are:

  • Tun Musa Hitam
  • Tan Sri Samsudin Osman
  • Tan Sri Kishu Tirathai
  • Dato’ Panglima Andrew Sheng and
  • Mr Robert Kuok Hock Nien