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Comprehensive Development Plans


Section A: Framework for Comprehensive Development consists of five chapters. The first two chapters in Part 1 of the section cover the background and context (Chapter 1) and vision and objectives (Chapter 2) of the IDR development. The next three chapters in Part 2 outline development strategies from the standpoint of physical development (Chapter 3), economic development (Chapter 4) and social development (Chapter 5). The overarching theme of this section is to link the interconnectedness of the three main development approaches – physical, economic and social – into the holistic comprehensive development framework that the plan aspires.


Section B: Planning and Implementation consists of twelve chapters divided into five parts. The section builds on the development framework and strategies discussed in Section A and focuses on the “how to” to realise the strategies outlined in the previous section. In particular, specific planning and development initiatives are tabled with an emphasis on specific actionable items. Each of the five parts represents the multi-prong and holistic approach to IDR development, covering the regulatory, legal and institutional framework and (Part 1, Chapter 6), the social and holistic development initiatives (Part 2, Chapters 7 and 8), physical planning initiatives (Part 3, Chapters 9 to 13), infrastructure development initiatives (Part 4, Chapters 14 to 16) and commercial development initiatives (Part 5, Chapter 17).

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