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Iskandar Malaysia Fast Fact

Iskandar Malaysia Fast Facts


  • Iskandar Malaysia covers a land size of 2,217 sq km.
  • 3 times the size of Singapore
  • 48 times the size of Putrajaya


  • Some 1.35 million people representing 43% of Johor’s population. About 66% of the population is of working age.
  • Malays 48.2%; Chinese 35.8%; Indians 9.4%; Foreigners 6.6%. One third of the population is estimated to be below 15 years old.


  • GDP for Iskandar Malaysia was about USD20 billion in 2005. This is 60% of Johor’s total GDP of USD33.4 billion.
  • Iskandar Malaysia’s current per capita GDP is about USD14, 790. This is higher than Johor’s per capita GDP of USD10, 757.
  • Services and Manufacturing sectors are the two main pillars of Iskandar Malaysia’s economy. Services dominate by contributing about USD10 billion in Iskandar Malaysia.
  • Within the Services sector, Wholesale and Retail trade contributes 42.2%, Tourism and Hospitality (16.8%), Professional and Business (14.6%), Transport and Related Industries (12.7%), Medical and Educational (6.7%), and Financial (6.6%).