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柔南中小企业公会 SME Johor Selatan / SME South Johor (SMEJS)

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  • Item Code: XPMKB-LH#Product Name: SAKURA Low Halogen Paint MarkerSize:  Length: 142mm  Line width: 2.0mmPackaging:  Inner Box: 12 pcs.   Outer Carton: 576 pcs.
  • FEATURE:Suitable for Home-Made Invitations Greeting Cards Scrapbooking & Journaling.Use in the office & School Project Drawing & Doodling and so on.PACKING :12 PCS / BOX , 144 PCS / MED BOX1728 PCS / CTN   &n...
  • Item Code: P-GS-988 Product name: G'SOFT PAPER PUNCHColors available: 4Packaging:   Inner Box: 12 pcs.   Outer Carton:72 pcs.Features:Durable and portableSuitably designed for comfortable hand held us...
  • Item Code: BP-GS-WX1 Product name: G'SOFT WRITEMATE RETRACTABLE BALL PENTip: Nano Tip 0.4MMPackaging:   Drum: 25 pcs.   Outer Carton: 2,500 pcs.                 ...
  • Item Code: BP-GS-WX2 Product name: G'SOFT SAFE CLICK RETRACTABLE BALL PENTip: Nano Tip 0.4MMPackaging:   Drum: 25 pcs.   Outer Carton: 2,500 pcs.                  &n...
  • Item Code: CT-GS-778R  Product name: G'SOFT GEAR778 REFILLABLE CORRECTION TAPE Size: 5mm x 5MPackaging:   Inner Box: 12 cards   Outer Carton: 576 cardsFEATURES:1. FANCY COLOR DESIGN2. ROTATABLE TIP FO...