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Glassware -

  • Photo : Cups
    Name : Cups
    Description : Serve as an ice cream container. Ice creams are served in cups with fitted lids, formed with glossy double PE papers. Come with different design and sizes inclusive of 2.5oz and 5.0oz.
  • Photo : Retail-Boxes
    Description : Cones are packed in retail boxes for easy serving at ice cream parlors or as home use for parties etc. Packed with bubble bag and plastic to retain its original freshness and taste. Come in different design packs and pack size.
  • Photo : Sleeves
    Name : Sleeves
    Description : Serve as a holding for sugar cones, formed with aluminium foil paper or paper PE to ensure moisture barrier to the cones. Come with variety design and sizes inclusive of mini sleeves.
  • Photo : Sugar-Cones
    Description : A golden brown look with crispy and sweet taste, consumable with or without ice cream. Topping may be added. Use in ice cream parlors for serving.