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[ 22-06-2015 ]
Matrade urges exporters to explore Canadian consumer devices

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) has urged Malaysian exporters to explore prospects in the Canadian consumer devices and electronics market.

In a statement on Monday, Matrade said Canada provided ample opportunities for  companies to supply Malaysian-made finished products and manufacturing inputs.

It added that the market is currently valued at about RM31.19 billion.

In 2014, computer and peripherals made up 43% of the total market value and the share of portable consumers electronics was 31%.

According to Canadian statistics, in 2014 the import of consumer electronics and manufacturing inputs by the country was at US$44.14 billion, of which, imports from Malaysia were valued at US$1.06 billion. 

Matrades Trade Commissioner in Toronto, Norzihan Mohd Zain said, price deflation in Canada continued to affect the dollar's value growth on the retail market of consumer devices and electronics.

"However, portability, multitasking and connectivity will continue to support demand for devices like smartphones and tablets.

"Canadians continue to turn to online content, especially the younger generation, in reflecting the high consumer need for electronic products. This is supported with an increasing number of Wi-Fi locations," she added. 

Matrade said telephones were among the largest imports by Canada, and included cellular telephones, telephone sets with corded handsets and those with/without an answering machine.

It said, other major imports were headphones, smart cards and videophones.

In addition, Canada is also a profitable market for in-car entertainment and technology.

It includes in-car media players, in-car navigation, and in-car speakers.

Last year, Malaysia was Canada's second largest supplier of processors and controllers and electronics integrated circuits, with exports at US$184.99 million. 

It was also Canada's fourth largest supplier of machines for reception, conversion and transmission or regeneration of voice, images or other data, including routing and routing apparatus with an export value of US$201.98 million.

Matrade said exporters interested in supplying their electronic products to Canada, should be aware of the consumer demand for better and cheaper devices which in turn, shrinks product life cycles and leads to rapid obsolescence. 

It said, consumers are also demanding products that minimise the packing footprint, have low use of hazardous material and safe product disposal guarantees as part of sales agreements.- Bernama

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